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tv   Headline News  RT  August 26, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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every. the shell shocked population of eastern ukraine a struggle for food and water and there's a tillery of tags go on hard to follow the anti-government forces bringing relief that to the suffering locals. or builders of capital where there's going to be some crude oil talks with ukraine's president could this be the chance for an easing of the strange relations between the two nations the details are coming up. but you were surprised drone surveillance on islamic state militants in syria but a common thread to still fails to bring washington and damascus a closer towards cooperation. and just a few weeks ahead of the scottish independence referendum poll suggests the yes campaign schools
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a victory in the final debate between the leaders of live two camps. hello and welcome to r.t. international we're live from moscow this afternoon you with me to say the ukrainian army's attacks in eastern ukraine are unrelenting the forces. pushing on with their operation to crush the anti-government forces they here's a church that came under shelling during evening mats you can see it's been severely damaged there's no roof and many of the walls have been reduced to rubble . you know how do you do you. are you go from your teacher. to some of the.
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military officials in kiev say they have detained a dozen russian soldiers who cross into ukraine at night a source in russia's defense ministry has reportedly confirmed they went over the border by mistake during a routine patrol policy is in the region. killed was the first to announce that it had detained russian soldiers the head of kiev security services say that they do not believe that this was a mistake by the russian soldiers that they crossed over from russia into ukrainian territory what we're also hearing from them is that the soldiers are being held captive and that they are being questioned at an undisclosed location now only a kid have posted a video reportedly showing these soldiers being questioned but we haven't been able yet to verify whether in fact these are russian soldiers and the names source in the russian defense ministry says the soldiers were patrolling the russian ukrainian border at night when they intentionally crossed over into ukrainian territory what we're also hearing from the source is that the soldiers were
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detained without giving any kind of resistance it's important to make the point that this happened at night where it's very difficult if not impossible at some points to tell where exactly is the borderline we're talking here about a border that often goes through a field of forest or even a village and i have crossed this border on several occasions and i can tell you from personal experience that there are many many parts where they simply no markings to say that now you are in the russian territory now you are in ukrainian territory at the beginning of august there was just over four hundred ukrainian troops who crossed over into russia reportedly seeking sanctuary this happened in an area in eastern ukraine which has seen the fiercest fighting between me and the government fighters and the ukrainian military there is yet constant shelling and there's also a humanitarian crisis that is unfolding we traveled with a group of government fighters to one of the worst hit cities where we stand people are under siege and these fighters risked their lives to bring much needed supplies
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to the residents of the town these men have seen some of the worst fighting in this conflict but there's one thing they find even worse trying to destroy the local population their own people basically those who survived kiev's onslaught are slowly starving for long. weeks residents of yassin ovata have been without food and water the only way in or out is surrounded by heavy artillery believes there was war this will be a. continuation we're doing everything we can so that people will have enough food we're not going to let a humanitarian crisis happen. it's now for an on the anti-government fighters to make sure cities under siege get supplies our first stop is this bread factory they've been baking this bread for the last twelve hours and a half thousand blows his mind and everybody knows that this is for humanitarian purposes the hungry people look at how great it's perfect but it's not so pretty driving in. twenty kilometers outside of the net sq where some of the fiercest
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fighting is taking place just like half an hour ago missiles hit the next street a man was killed a woman injured yesterday they hit a central gas pipe every hour there was shooting or shelling while you were here you will hear it all. would quickly sprague's that helps arrived those who haven't fled the town risk the thunder of shelling to come quickly and take what they can. read your mother she want to develop he's a new mom was the most. difficult or you know what you are going to share is it was the gloom i just was wondering did i did spend all of you the trouble with the marriage and really start to get the deal and of course the real deal it was well. you know. it was at the.
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moment the rest of the circle of thought that over the queers knows all the older what they knew the laws of war the three days ago this bridge was still standing entire buildings have been blown up. neighborhoods completely destroyed. bother them there. was even a moment of school as you can see by the greats as they were specifically targeting the hospital they tried to destroy the place with injured are being treated for and they want to create chronic unbearable going to. but for now with the emergency supplies still reaching the city at least there was momentary relief for the people who refused to be driven out policy r.t. yes in a vata eastern ukraine. amid the war of words between russia and the west over invents in ukraine everyone is hoping the meeting between president vladimir putin
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and petro poroshenko could ease the crisis the thing is it may or may not happen in a battery of capital minutes before talks with the e.u. it we're going to go is a watching of the gathering closely here it out what do you know so far. all we can tell you that president putin has just arrived at the palace where the meeting will be taking place in the meeting is scheduled to be not just between president was going fact as you have pointed out that is still in question for now the russian president is going to for talks with the regional heads of the eurasian customs union and afterwards there is still some time set a set aside for the possible meeting between the presidents of russia and ukraine and they have plenty off discuss we're talking of course about the humanitarian situation in the southeast of ukraine about about the hundreds of thousands of refugees from donetsk and lugansk regions coming into russia russia's aid to those regions there is also on hand we have several european officials as well we know
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that for example president poroshenko already met with catherine ashton others also a e.u. is energy chief also here sold their roster whispers about the fact that also russian ukrainian presidents could be discussing possible movement in the stalled. gas talks between moscow and kiev however all of this is still guesswork whether or not indeed the presidents will meet we do not know of course everybody is hoping that this will take place and the dialogue and suing there from could possibly set the stage for some movement in. in the ease of tensions between russia and ukraine that we've been seeing for quite some time now and of course what moscow is hoping to get out of this is at least to see some sort of a cease fire in south east of ukraine which could possibly lead to some sort of a longer peaceful solution in the country in the country's crisis actually here we no question about the movement will look to the leaders need to while they in a better reducing minutes will be following developments the with our reporter
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irina they. are political analysts us it is difficult to believe they won't be easy for putin and poroshenko to find common ground because of the outside factors shaping ukraine's politics neither photo showing cork has a great deal of leeway in the proceedings because all three for a military solution in the east and he cannot backtrack on that one with ultra losing credibility with his base particularly in the west of the country but the elephant missing from the room if you will is john kerry and victoria nuland because it is the brother family that will be beautiful in the tendons from brussels. the agenda for here is being grown up in washington d.c. it is not in the interest of moscow to prolong this conflict but at the same time
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the hard line from q you have supported unfortunately by some of the worst elements in the country such as the right circuit. and the suborder party do not bode well for a political solution if there is the readiness in the west to prompt gear in the direction of a political solution we indeed could have it in me. to my journalists who were detained in ukraine have been released they were correspondent and photographer for quite me a base newspaper unfortunately there's still no word on the missing photojournalist under a stan and he disappeared in ukraine three weeks ago numerous campaigns for his release have been held across the globe to beg by calls from the un russia and international human rights organizations were posting updates on the search for understanding on our website r.t. dot com.
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the u.s. will deploy its on men drones to patrol the syrian skies to survey positions of islamic state militants the move was approved by president obama making it a possible precursor for airstrikes however washington's decision came without any approval from the syrian government america refuses to see assad's forces as an ally in fighting the jihadists but mounting speculation suggest the u.s. will eventually have to work with the syrian president if it wants to eliminate the extremist threat. you can report. there is no love lost between the west and the syrian president but while their enemies today they could meet each other tomorrow top former military and counterterrorism officials say the u.s. should be prepared to start working with the government of bashar assad in order to fight the islamic state if you're going to make a choice if we want to eliminate this isis we're going to have to deal with people we don't like in
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a similar vein the former head of the british army was quoted as saying the old saying my enemy's enemy is my friend is going to have to have some resonance with our relationship with assad but those are former officials speaking the current ones reject the prospect of cooperation with the syrian government the regime there the assad regime by their actions has allowed this group to flourish. the claim has raised many eyebrows given that the islamic state is hell bent on destroying the assad government and has gained momentum in the syrian civil war despite his differences with the words the mask has now says it's ready to cooperate when it comes to fighting terrorism but that any efforts must be courted native with the government with syria is ready to cooperate and coordinate on the regional and international levels to confront terrorism in the framework of respecting the sovereignty of syria all anti terror efforts inside syria should come after coordination has been made with the syrian government in advance. well after years
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of trying to topple bashar assad and it's time for assad to get out of the way we both agree that assad needs to go it may not be easy for the u.s. to be seen cooperate with him but while the west deliberates over going after the jihadists of these on the state in syria the issue becomes even more pressing well we're going to have to say something to the syrian government if we're going to start bombing in syria and the west may have already started helping us secretly a source told the independent that western intelligence agencies have provided the syrian government with details of the location of islamic state leaders for targeted air strikes the source claims the information was passed to assad forces by the german intelligence service which acted as an intermediary even if there's a temporary act of convenience some sharing of intelligence which is unproven i believe the united states is still working primarily to overthrow the assad government imagine the president of the united states coming out and saying i know
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i said assad is the enemy number one and all that but today well we may have to work together that may not be an easy thing to swallow for the presidential ego but a deal and cooperation could save many lives in washington i'm going to check out party. following the funeral of a black teenager shot dead by a police officer the thousands have promised to take to the streets all across the u.s. that's raising fears of a new wave of violence as protesters claim they will challenge the police be coming to militarize that's coming up next see. also while celebrities in the west take up the ice bucket challenge the arab world is desperate to promote awareness of the child victims of war but using the rubble of gaza instead of shows to watch . the final televised debate between the two saw is
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in the scottish independence campaign has been held the referendum will take place in mid september arches marina costabile was watching how the leaders fed. it was very loud in the very fiery debates in which both men gave it their all but it appears the victory isn't alex salmond's hands in favor of independence according to a snap poll some seventy one percent of voters thought he came out on top which is a dramatic turnaround for scotland so first minister let's not forget that last time he was challenge over issues such as the future of scotland's economy and the future of the pound and this time he came prepared to give his currency options offer and reply in fact something which he kept repeating but saying that sickened to the pound would that's the kind of step or shooting that probably the most important revelation only. now the head of the better together campaign alistair darling head back saying that that would leave scotland at the mercy of
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a foreign country telling it how to spend its money just like eurozone countries which have to get their budget signed off in a brussels. b.o.c. you don't have a central bank so our financial services existence go and now other topics the two clashed on the world oil revenues the future over nuclear weapons as well as a health care the hour and a half debate ended up being a little bit of a slanging match as the pair repeatedly shouted over each other to be heard there was very clear that the scottish national party leader was adopting a more emotional but more confident approach some said that the fact that he was shouting over his opponent could put off some voters but as we can see with the results of the snap election it seemed to work in his favor well a fifth of scotland's electorate will start receiving their ballots as early as this tuesday and many of them could be making their decision today based on the debates more news after the break don't go away.
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those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis in syria we still should be doing everything we can to support the free syrian opposition who will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government and kurdish forces as they battle these terrorists. in full scope becoming independent schools a nation that nation should be self-governing they govern the feels better than allowing someone else to do it full.
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thank you for staying with us it's been difficult to be on social networks of late and not notice thousands of people posting photos and videos of themselves getting used in ice cold water almost two million people have already taken part in the stunt to promote awareness of a less or more to new room disease more than sixty million dollars has already been raised by everybody from famous movie stars to the best filmmakers in history also they are faithful co-founder as well as one of the wealthiest men on earth from american president george bush took part in the trend some of the participants have
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displayed exceptional creativity well others preferred a less sixty but very witty approach. well other parts of the world struggling to raise awareness of their tragic situations are hoping to use their own version of the popular campaign in gaza after weeks of conflict or water is worth its weight in gold and a lack of poll makes it hard to freeze so a palestinian journalist is using the one thing which is freely available the rubble created by israel missile strikes is asking people to shower themselves in the degree of buildings and stated the mood that was there has taken part in the campaign so we all still move out of this serious message palestinians are trying to send to the outside world. we've organized a campaign called we have hope for children in gaza in order to support child victims in the region these children are getting shelled in their houses with their roofs crumbling over their heads i want to share this picture with the world
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because the people not only in the arabic world who feel the pain of the children and people of gaza. they learned campaign has been a wiping out entire families in gaza with palestinian help they make as many as eighty nine entire families feeding the numbers for women and children buried under their own homes by israelis for more horrifying details from the combat say they bought online. the recent quake in california has raised fears over the ability one of the u.s. main nuclear power stations to avoid sharing the fate of the tragedy had to r.t. dot com to find out which one and more. public anger add to the military's stalled police response to peaceful rallies all over the shooting of an unarmed black teenager refuses to go away the protests that followed michael brown's funeral have been peaceful but more nationwide rallies
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against police brutality a planned for choose day artist marina partner looks at i.q. stations that americans know in force as a turning into combat soldiers. thousands braved the boiling temperatures monday patiently waiting to enter a st louis church inside and our funeral service for the young man whose name and story has dominated international headlines more than two weeks after michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer he is finally laid to rest his family and friends get the chance to say goodbye but what this community has not yet received are the answers to the endless questions surrounding the death of the unarmed teenager the white officer who shot at least six bullets into the african-american eighteen year old remains on paid administrative leave while state and federal prosecutors investigate. the police killing fueled nearly two weeks of violent protests in which heavy
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handed actions of a militarized u.s. police department shocked the world tear gas rubber bullets flash grenades and death threats. that they're used against mostly unarmed activists and journalists that were dragnets out of the country i'm working in fugitive manhunt and i've been involved in shootings i can tell you that amount of force that was an excessive amount of force and it happens everywhere everywhere around the world tuesday citizens are being encouraged to take to the streets for an international day of action demanding an end to police brutality and unchecked state violence the campaign is called hands up united the tear gas that there you see here they're also using a broad right and a lot of people were even comparing ferguson torsos but those were so shouldn't be that pilot anyway right like it's not ok for tear gas be used against citizens in
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the u.s. side ok in other countries either so we're calling on communities and citizens across the world to sort of push back together at the same time because none of us deserve that kind of treatment from the state tear gas was banned in warfare under the chemical weapon. convention of one thousand nine hundred three however it was not banned from police forces to use domestically. while america's law enforcement only fires the chemical on its own people it remains the top supplier of tear gas to governments around the world tuesday's international call for action as a united everyone wants a b m c that's a great show of solidarity because it will put pressure on our leaders on everyone to know that hey everyone's watching you we see we're not going to allow this to keep going like this cornelius flowers says the tragic reality is that the use of chemical weapons against an army of demonstrators is becoming the new norm practiced and promoted by american officials we were out the other night i'm
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standing out and someone called her baby and he had a bag you know a lot of good he put out a gas mask and he said that are you prepared and that's that's crazy that's crazy the best what preparation is a gas mask the police shooting of michael brown sparked a palpable sense of anger and frustration extending far beyond the borders of turkey and while the country weeks for justice and accountability america's police practices remain under heavy scrutiny. r.t. for us and. i'm at the end resident ferguson two police officers have been suspended for the hasse rhetorics what went on there to say on twitter that protest is a ship being killed like rabid dogs while another p.s.g. have posted a video jerry is ago in which he says he even killa who is ready to kill anybody now political columnist ted rall believes the approach of the predominantly white
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police force and ferguson made the rallies and evitable. what we're talking about is a powder keg that was ready to explode we're talking about a predominantly black community that had been harassed and abused by a predominantly white police force for many many years and in a city that had declining economic status for most people who lived in it and so it was only a matter of time before something happened to set that off michael brown may or may not be an angel we'll probably never going to really know the truth there he's dead he can't speak for himself but in a sense it doesn't really matter what matters is that the overall situation that created those riots was going to create a riot from something at some point. more headlines in brief from around the world now twin explosions in the rockies to have killed at least eleven people and wounded more than thirty others one of them went off in a busy area during the morning rush hour so fine all those more than
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a thousand civilians have been killed amid the ongoing efforts by the right here on me to repel the slummy states onslaught. several anti all surgery protesters were injured in scuffles with police in the spanish city oh first santiago de compostela that was where german chancellor angela merkel is meeting with the spanish prime minister to express solidarity over spending cuts i thought he said the tough response was justified because the demonstration was. running formula one champion sebastian vettel has become the first f one driver to test a new race strike in the russian city of sochi his mission was to test the circuit before the first ever russian gone three scheduled to take place this october. dell said behind the wheel of a souped up road test the tomic of this time and said the track would offer
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a huge challenge to drivers in formula one cars especially the number of high speed corners last summer was a big big construction going on obviously a big building site some of the stadiums were finished it was there now it looks a lot different it looks very nice and this is great to see you know for the first time that the track is ready and i'm very much looking forward of course to get some laps in this afternoon. why coming up after the break the dark secrets of the nazis and their biological experiments on people i'll be back in half an hour. if you look at my generation of americans and even more so at the millennial there are a lot of people with all sorts of piercings and tattoos everyone wants to express
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themselves by getting the exact same cliched tattoos and piercings as everyone else but can we discriminate against these people because of their in doubt appearance normally people are against discrimination because it punishes people for the way they were born their raise search gender but no one was born with big metal loops stretching out their ear lobes so essentially yes you can't judge someone by their tattoos and piercings because they got these done consciously as an adult i mean we all know that you need to dress up out of first date or job interview to make a good impression and while having the words thug life written up your forearm are not very convincing to me that you are going to make a valuable employee or girlfriend one of the worst things that we tell children is that you should never judge a book by its cover the problem is that no one has the time to open up all these books and investigate so obviously ninety percent of the time we're going to be judging each other by the cover of our book and if that cover is full of dead fetus tattoos like one guy i know that you should expect a lot of bigoted reactions over the course of your life but that's just my opinion
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